Get Involved in addressing challenges of the decade

2021 : Start Collaborating on Sustainable Development with Open Community Innovation programmes.

From becoming a mentor to leading a community intervention, explore the many ways you can make a difference with AI in Africa. We hope you’ll join us.


Volunteering with AI in Africa is a fun and rewarding experience… you will have the opportunity to give back to your community while having a great time. Apply for the opportunity that you’re interested in!

Become a Corporate Partner

Is your organization or institution interested in developing a project related to your industry and  want to support the  2021  initiatives we have running?

Opportunities Available

  • Run Open Innovation Challenges
  • Build 4iR  training together
  • Design thinking for sustainability
  • Leverage community AI expertise
  • Boot camps curriculum building

Empower your Community

If you are a school, teacher or community leader who wants to to enhance your STEAM education offering, we would love to co-create with you. 

We seek partners who will use their local xx and networks to embed change and spread impact with us.

Available opportunities

  • Train the trainer
  • Build Training together
  • Become an AI in Community hub

Become a Speaker

If you are interested in helping AIA grow by sharing your expertise, would love to hear from you. We are looking for subject matter experts in Design Thinking, AI, Ethics, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Opportunities Available

  • Bootcamps
  • Summer camps
  • Webinars
  • AIA Curriculum


Become a Mentor

During a gruelling challenge, a group of young girls are introduced to Design Thinking and Artificial Intelligence.  The concepts are explained in a relatable manner, allowing them to explore practical uses for it. The programme instils a sense of confidence as the girls are encouraged to recognise their individual strengths and work together in developing their solution.


“The experience was a reminder of the challenges we face as a country, but also provided hope as I interacted with these girls, seeing their passion and commitment to creating a better society for tomorrow.” Karima Shar


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