About us

AI in Africa is a platform which delivers forward-thinking initiatives that equip the next generation of leaders with the skills and mindset to succeed tomorrow’s world

Our mission is to find and groom the next generation of thinkers and doers from disadvantaged communities in Africa. We design interventions that bridge the gap in education and prepare learners for 21st century jobs.

We achieve our objectives via high-impact workshops, trainings, events, and collaborative programs with academic, public and private institutions.

Core Approach & Ideas

We drive a human-centered approach to innovation that centers the experience and perspective of the community and solution seekers.

Systematic Change

We strive to create solutions that go beyond individual challenges, organisational boundaries and silos. Systemic change happens when we collaborate, build a learning culture and involve beneficiaries very step of the way.

Partners we worked with:

If you have BIG love for Africa and always push to better yourself and the lives of others, you’re a super citizen.


We ignite young super citizens to design the future of tommorow