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Welcome to AI in Africa

Empowering the youth to design an inclusive future with AI

Enabling 1 million dream builders within 5 years!

Inspired by African tech innovations, we imagine an ever-growing legion of learners, students, teachers, experts, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, communities and organizations, working together to respond to the challenges of tomorrow. 

To inspire, to explore, design and build.
To bridge the digital divide and cleverly use technological advancements with one common goal:
To shape the future of Africa!

Challenges of the Decade

Hack your way to talent and innovation , Solve Global Challenges Today !

You and your team will have the opportunity to develop projects that impact directly companies & communities.

How We Create Impact

Over 35000 impacted.one program at a time.

We first launched our 13 month pilot programme in Dec 2018, with a curated high-impact 3-day bootcamp. The programme in general is youth and women-focused, however, for the pilot, we made a decision to focus on girls. 



AI-based solutions from six different communities in three provinces


Contributors across various sectors supporting our cause 

R 4M

Total value of prizes, including bachelor degree bursaries, internships, and jobs

Together we create thinkers and creators

High Impact programmes that create innovators


Together, we create value for youth and society. Join our community of partners, volunteers, innovators, educators and business leaders to to drive impact.

4IR Skills Training

We partner with educators, schools and colleges and run AI Awareness programs to expose students to various technology and social topics such as diversity and inclusion in AI.

Solve Problems

Invest in high impact training for your teams, schools, educators or community groups. Together, we help prepare South African learners for the 4th Industrial Revolution 


Activate your organization transformative purpose by coming together to solve the world’s most pressing problems, leveraging community experiences and insights.

An inclusive platform where African Youth
can show their smarts

Inclusion – We removes barriers for under-represented youth to get into Artificial Intelligence.

Gender equality – We create a path for girls to be Women in Steam (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths)

Creator mindset – Encourage an entrepreneurship and innovation mentality. 

Improving society – Supporting community development through the SDGs.

AI for Good: Solving Society Problems.

We showcase the creative thinkers and problem solvers of tomorrow addressing challenges of today, under the principle of ‘AI for Good’. 

Big Love for Africa.

We are here to inspire other dream-builders to design and build the future of Africa with us. Our love for Africa and our passion for ‘tech for good’ excites and energizes us.

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Let’s come together to solve the world’s most pressing problems leveraging our programmes, community networks and your expertise.


We ignite young super citizens to design the future of tommorow